Rates Checker
This application has been designed and built by me, [Alan] (You may well have seen that advert with the blasted Meer cat who constantly shouts Alan and every time an AD does the same in a holding area, I am given the very same treatment which is considered hilarious!!). In my other life I am a web developer with a degree in computer science.

In the last ten years plus of working as a professional support artist, I have overheard countless ‘What is…?’ conversations (Broken lunch, continuous working day etc.) and waited patiently, sometimes, in a signing out queue whilst SA’s and AD’s debate rates and awards and got to the point where I knew something had to be done to clarify these questions.

This is why was conceived and how it subsequently became to be built. Now before we go any further, I do understand that not everyone will agree with, for instance, if a particular action or direction will merit a feature or supplemental fee, this app will not change that, but what it will do is put us all in the picture (bad pun sorry) as to what, when and where the rates may apply and if so how much they will boost our hard earned chits….

This app will also NOT be relevant if you are working on one of the many ‘deals’ that blight our profession these days, you’re on your own with that guys! It’s also true that you can, if you have the inclination, Google all the rates listed here although many of the web results haven’t been updated and if you have no internet connection, say when in a field in Surrey, you won’t get very far with that. Some industrious SA’s will definitely have committed all the rates and awards to memory but let’s face it, the majority won’t have.

If you’re one of the majority, then this application is for you…. And the basic functionality is and always will be free.
Use it with my compliments and please use the contact form if you have thoughts for improvements or spot a rate that you feel may be incorrect.

There will be further developments as and when I can code them, some will be available by subscription but it won’t be much, we’re generally not a wealthy bunch. Check out the future development page to see what’s coming.

See you on set… Regards, Alan…alan…alan…etc!!